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Kathryn began her relationship with the tarot cards in 1975. She guides her clients on the path of alchemy and transformation as they receive the archetypal wisdom of these ancient symbols through the Great Council of the Tarot, her personal Guides to this work.

The Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness and representation of the universal passage of life we each experience. Kathryn offers unique counseling services. The Great Council of Tarot, who brings in a higher an ancient wisdom, guides her. With decades of experience with the Tarot and as a healer and Shamanic guide, Kathryn' skills as a spiritual counselor and advisor to assist with your life choices are well honed.  

You will receive insight and direction regarding relationship and family issues, career and life changes. You will also guided to look at your life with a more spiritual lens, and discover a deeper validation of your own inner wisdom.


The Tarot is an ancient collection of wisdom presented to us in the form of a beautiful collection of symbols that unlock the doors to our inner knowing. It is a perfect map to guide us through the passages of our lives. All aspects of the journey are charted through the Tarot. It is always available to us to call upon to guide us through archetypal lessons that each of us must pass. Just as The Fool in Tarot makes her journey through the 21 Major Arcana cards or passages of life, we also make our daily journey through life. Lessons are expressed through the Minor Arcana, or the aspects of emotions, mind, spirit, and the physical.


Rather than  trying to use the Tarot as "fortune telling," Kathryn reads the cards to  offer the questor clear insight as to where they are in relation to the question they ask. The Tarot gives a clear picture as to how the current and past actions and attitudes of our lives are leading us to possible future outcomes. We all have free will and our ability to choose gives us the gift of focusing our thoughts to create the outcomes we desire. Imagine the Universe, the great Field of Unmanifest Potential, as cookie dough. It is out there waiting to be formed into whatever shape we imagine. The power of our thoughts, desires, and words are the “cosmic cookie cutter” that then goes out into that Unmanifest Potential and cuts the form we have created. If you want star-shaped cookies but send out the thought pattern of a gingerbread boy, you get the gingerbread boy! The Tarot helps us to see clearly what patterns we are creating and why we are or are not getting the results we want.


 As an added depth to reading the Tarot, Kathryn  combines the principles of Alchemy and ritual to help you transform your troubles into the confidence of living your life at new levels of awareness. “Golden opportunities” are not just once in a lifetime – you can experience them each time you consult with Kathryn and the Tarot. Alchemy is that great process of transforming the lower aspects of our body, mind, emotions, and spirit into the gold of higher consciousness, good health, physical comfort, and balanced emotions. Each time we master a situation or experience a rite of passage we are being Alchemized. We apply the heat of our love of life and desire to be more than we currently are and so experience a metamorphosis into the new form our lives take. Alchemy is an ongoing process. Sometimes the changes are small and incorporate into our lives with ease and grace and sometimes the experience is so complete that we have a transformation by fire.  


"Kathryn Ravenwood is the best tarot consultant I have ever met. And I have been studying the Tarot for over 50 years. Her clear, concise, level headed guidance keeps her clients on the right path, while her strong connection to Spirit allows her to direct clients to new levels of experience that they may not have known existed. I have had readings from world-famous experts – none of them can touch Kathryn Ravenwood!." ..Gloria Taylor Brown. Chief Wizard, Alchemy Arts, Inc.

"I have been studying with Kathryn for the past 9 years. Her extraordinary skills have assisted me to me to hear my spirit guides and follow their guidance. This has allowed me to make significant changes to how I perceive the world and how my actions have created unnecessary self-inflicted struggles. Through her teachings –both in classes and in private sessions, I am able to create more beauty and peace in my life. Thank you, Kathryn" Samee, New Mexico

“Kathryn, thank you for providing awesome connection between Heaven and Earth.” ..Valerie, Washington State 

SESSIONS OFFERED OVER THE PHONE OR WITH ZOOM. I no longer use Skype. If you are in Albuquerque, we

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